Online Violin Lessons


 As soon as I began learning to play the violin myself, I knew I wanted to be a music teacher. Now over fifteen years later I enjoy sharing my passion for music and instilling that enthusiasm in my students.

I teach violin through the traditional method in which students learn to play the violin as they learn to read music. Students are also taught improvisation, ear training, music theory, and music history. While mainly using a classical approach, I incorporate alternative styles to fit the needs of each student.

Online Violin Lessons

If you are struggling with finding a good teacher in your area or perhaps you just don’t have time to drive to lessons, online violin lessons are a wonderful option. Here are some of my frequently asked questions about online violin lessons.

Are online violin lessons as good as lessons in-person?

Absolutely! I was unsure at first too, but after teaching a few online violin lessons I realized you can learn just as much in an online lesson as you can in person.

What are the benefits of online violin lessons?

  • It saves time! Not only will you save time by not driving, you’ll save time in your lessons as well. For every lesson I teach in my home, it takes most students about 5 minutes to unpack everything, tighten and rosin their bow, and tune their violin. With online violin lessons, you can have everything ready so we can start your lesson immediately.

  • No more waiting, no more childcare! If you are a parent, you no longer have to wait in your car or my living room! You can make the most of your time while your child has their lesson. For my adult students, finding childcare for their children during their lesson can be a hassle. With online violin lessons, you can watch your child while you take your lesson.

  • Take violin lessons wherever you are. If you are out of town, you can still have a lesson.

What about young children?

Online violin lessons work well for young children too. For children ages 6-8 I recommend a parent be present during the child’s lesson since the parent is responsible for guiding the child’s practice during the week. For older children, a parent or adult should be nearby in case the student experiences technical difficulties.

What do I need?

  • A webcam and a microphone purchased within the last 5 years. The webcam and microphone on your computer or tablet should work fine.

  • A reliable internet connection. WIFI is okay. Using an Ethernet cable is even better.

How do I pay?

I teach through Lessonface where you can schedule a lesson for any of my available times. Your payment will be safely and securely transferred through Lessonface.

How do I get started?

Click the link below to view my profile page or book your free trial lesson!


"Miss Lora has a unique gift for capturing the attention of her students.  Her kindness, attention to detail, and her musical knowledge have produced children that are hungry to learn.  My daughter loved her sessions with Miss Lora. I am extremely pleased with my daughter's progress after only a few months of lessons!"  --Renee

"I was amazed week in and week out at Lora's ability to motivate and teach creative ways to help my daughter love playing the violin.  Lora made the lesson time such a wonderful experience that my 7 year old begged to switch from piano to violin as well.  I have even begun to learn from watching Lora teach." --Jessica

"Lora is a gifted musician and a wonderful teacher. She was able to teach our daughter great fundamentals while making it fun for her. We were so blessed to have her as Bella's first violin teacher." --Nicole

"My 6 year old son came to Miss Lora without any knowledge of how to play violin or how to read notes. I found her methods to be wonderful for his age group and inventive to keeping little ones interested. Her sweet spirit and patience had the kids listening and obeying her instructions. After one year he enjoys playing songs and being challenged with the next level. We are very sad that Lora had to move away and that we will have to search for a new teacher. "--Susan