What to Buy for Violin Lessons

For starters, you'll want a violin! Check out my post on buying a violin to help you pick out the right size or decide between renting and buying. Call your teacher before you purchase a violin. They'll be more than happy to help you make the right decision. I suggest buying an outfit for beginners (violin, bow, and case are included). Here are some companies I recommend for beginner violins.

Shar Music

Southwest Strings

Everest Shoulder Rest

Everest Shoulder Rest

1. Shoulder Rest. This is essential to helping you hold the violin correct. I recommend the Everest shoulder rest. Remember to purchase the size that matches your violin.

2. Music Stand.
Using a music stand promotes good posture. If you're practicing with your music in your lap, in your case, or pinned to the wall, chances are you're doing some weird things with your posture that can lead to real tension issues. Portable stands are fine and nice to have, but a stand with a solid back makes it easier to write on your music and the sun doesn't shine through, making it difficult to read the notes.

3. Metronome/ Tuner. You can buy a metronome and you can buy a tuner, or you can buy them combined into one machine. Here's a basic metronome/tuner
If you want something a little nicer, try the Korg metro/tuner.

String Explorer!

String Explorer!

4. Method Books. Here's a list for all of the beginning books I use. Remember, if you order from elsewhere, make sure you are ordering the violin book, not the viola or cello version!

Whistler Scale Book

String Explorer Book 1

Suzuki Book 1

All for Strings Theory Workbook

5. Rosin. If you purchased your violin as an outfit, rosin was probably included. However, student-grade rosin often has a grittier sound and produces more powder. For a few dollars more you can upgrade to a better sound. Dark rosin is more sticky and is better for dry climates. Light or amber rosin is better for violin but both colors work. Try Hill Rosin.

For something really fun try Magic Rosin.

Here's your final checklist!

  1. Violin, bow, and case
  2. Shoulder Rest
  3. Music Stand
  4. Metronome/Tuner
  5. Method books
  6. Rosin

If you have any questions, let me know! Happy Practicing!